DI Pipe Gasket manufacturers

Di Pipe Gaskets- WRAS approved rubber gaskets are suitable for use in TYTON JOINT DI (Ductile iron) pipeline, fittings and valves. Di Pipe Gasket provides an extremely reliable flexible joint.

Di Pipe Gasket Feature:

• WRAS and BSEN - 681 Approved PUSH-ON Tyton Gaskets for C.I & D.I. Pipes.
• WRAS approved rubber gaskets are Extremely strong and efficient flexible joint.
• Di pipe gaskets are Suitable for ‘in the ground’ or ‘above ground’ applications.
• Di pipe gaskets are Manufactured from EPDM rubber providing improved performance over traditional natural    rubber.
• High resistance to water, ozone, heat, sewerage, chloramines, UV, and abrasion.
• Joints can be deflected and permit axial movement to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction.
   Size Range: DN80 – DN1000.
   Relevant Standard: IS:5382.

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TYTON is a revolutionary restrained joint system that can eliminate thrust block, delivering savings in time and materials. DEESA TYTON is the key to fast track design and construction of ductile iron pipeline systems.Di pipe gaskets offers some unique advantages, it utilizes standard DI (Ductile iron) pipes and fittings, allows you to construct in RRJ fashion, yet have all joints fully restrained, eliminates concrete thrust blocks, accelerates commissioning (no need to wait for concrete curing), streamlines materials sourcing and administration, is ideal for use in weak soils where concrete blocks just won’t work, offers 3 to 5 degrees joint deflection, provides maximum security for strategic mains (fully locked joints), provides an allowable operating pressure (AOP) of 1.6MPa, a maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) of 1.92MPa and an allowable site test pressure (ASTP) of 2.0MPa.
Size Range: DN80 – DN1000

DI Tyton Gasket ® Push-on Gaskets

Deesawala is one of the leading tyton gasket manufacturers in India. The TYTON® Push-On Gasket is used in the TYTON JOINT® Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings. All TYTON® Push-On Gaskets are dual hardness gaskets made from vulcanized synthetic rubber, and meet the requirements of the WRAS, BIS, ISO 4633, EN 681 and AS 681 .The standard rubber compound used in manufacturing of ductile iron gaskets is EPDM.

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Installation of DI Pipe gaskets

The below link has been provided for the procedure to install Tyton joint gasket.

Available in the following compounds:

  Water & Sewer Air  
EPDM 212°F 150°F Vegetable Oil, Alcohols, Dilute Acids, Diluted Alkalis, MEK, Acetone, fresh water, sea water, storm water, sanitary sewage & reclaimed water
Nitrile 150°F 125°F Fresh water, salt water, sanitary sewage, storm water, petroleum products, oils, fats, chemicals, greases
Neoprene 200°F 150°F Fresh water, salt water, sanitary sewage, storm water, greases
FKM 212°F 300°F Fresh water, salt water, storm water, aromatic hydrocarbons, fuels, acids, vegetable oils, petroleum products, and most chemicals and solvents

Frequently Asked Questions

In piping, a Gasket is sealing material placed between connecting flanges to create a static seal. This will maintain the leakage proof sealing in all operating conditions. Different types of gaskets are used to achieve the leak proof sealing between the pipe flange.
Ductile iron pipe is pipe made of ductile cast iron commonly used for potable water transmission and distribution.
Gaskets created from rubber come to the factory as large flat pieces of material, often times rubber. ... Next, using a CNC die cutting machine, gaskets are created as the machine stamps them out of the larger sheet. After the our gaskets are produced, they are packaged and shipped all over the world.
This joint consists of a single rubber gasket placed in a groove inside the socket at the bell end of the pipe. After lubricating the joint in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, the beveled end of the pipe is pushed past the gasket, compressing it and forming a pressure-tight and dependable seal.
This pipe weight calculation formula can be used to determine the weight per foot for any size of pipe with any wall thickness: Wt/Ft = 10.69*(OD - Wall Thickness)*Wall Thickness.
DI Pipe Gasket,pipe gasket,pipe gaskets suppliers,di pipe,DI Pipe Gasket manufactures, DI Pipe Gasket,pipe gasket,pipe gaskets suppliers,di pipe,DI Pipe Gasket manufactures,
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